Flag Spa has been active since more than 50 years in the field of synthetic waterproof membrane and thanks to its highly qualified know-how it became a relevant partner in the outmost works of roofing, civil engineering, swimming pools, all over the world.
Flag Spa SOPREMA GROUP is the excellence of synthetic in terms of products, innovations, and easy setting.

Description of Flag Spa from its establishment in 1963 until today. The production lines, the production plants, the R&D department that contributed in making this company one of the most important worldwide players in the field of waterproofing.

All Flag Soprema Group’s synthetic products divided into macro groups: Flagon PVC, Flagon TPO, special finishing for visible roofing Copper art and Silver art, high reflectance membranes Energy Plus, swimming pools’ membrane Flagpool.

Collection of all technical solutions that allow realising any kind of roofing with synthetic materials. An essential support tool for engineers who have to design the most innovative roofing structures.

The most outstanding building works from a technical or architectural point of view, in any application field of synthetic waterproofing membranes manufactured by Flag Spa Soprema Group: roofing, hydraulic works, underground works, swimming pools.

Collection of the last news concerning Flag SpA Soprema Group, to be updated about fairs, events, interventions in the field of synthetic waterproofing Flagon PVC and Flagon TPO.

Product’s data sheets, standard stratigraphies, declaration of performance, catalogues, and brochures aiming at ensuring a steady update about the activities focused on design support performed by Flag Soprema Group.


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