Refurbhisment of Tafuri Castle – Sicily

Copper art membranes are significantly supporting the rebirth of Tafuri Castle located on the wonderful sea of Portopalo in the province of Siracusa. The designer Severino Crott, upon request of Franzo Bruno di Belmonte, designed the castle in 1933, and the works finished in 1935 exclusively employing the material coming from the stone pit of the Isola delle Correnti (Currents Island).

The liberty style castle rises nearby the former “tonnara” (an area usually occupied by a maze of nets to catch tuna fish) of Portopalo, and passed to Tafuri family only at the end of the 50ies.

During the refurbishment, the waterproofing works for the roofing of the building played a relevant role.  Copper art membranes, 1.8 mm, thanks to a coupling procedure, during the manufacturing, with a 300 gr/m2 textile under the sealing surface, are easy to set, as witnessed by company Diblasi srl from Grammichele (CT) that carried out the operation. The rolls of synthetic material have been mechanically fixed to the concrete-masonry structure, and hot welded with a hot-air ejector. The copper powder mixed in the waterproofing compound is, as usually, the featuring element of copper art membranes, because it guarantees the change of colour, typical of copper aging exactly as in copper plates roofing.

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