SILVER ART aluminium colour waterproof synthetic membrane

Free creativity, leaving fantasy unbound, conceive cutting-edge roofing with boundless materials and design, has always been the ambition of many architects and designers. Flag Spa has designed a new waterproof membrane for architectural visible roofing, Silver Art®, fruit of its year long experience in the field of synthetic waterproof membranes. The membranes of the Silver Art ® range, thanks to their high mechanical resistance and relevant resistance to UV rays, like all Flag’s materials for visible products, allow proposing traditional metal roofing in a modern version. Flag, always caring for the building yards needs, created this system to enhance waterproofing in case of particularly complicated shapes, where the realisation of metal roofing is nearly impossible. Silver Art® is the evolution of aluminium, a membrane capable to follow and adapt any shape, allowing the creation of coverings with complex layouts.

Silver Art ® faithfully reproduces modern metal roofings, either smooth or with standing seam profile, thanks to the application of synthetic décor profiles. These hot-welded profiles with free interaxis on the surface of the material, perfectly reproduce the anchoring lines of traditional metal covering, thus guarantee a remarkable aesthetic result. Thanks to this high-level aesthetic result it is possible to reproduce the beautiful of a metal covering avoiding setting troubles. Furthermore design is totally free because these decoration profiles are an extra-tool in the hands of the designer. Increasing or decreasing the distance between the superficial elements it is possible to improve the design, customising and characterising the aesthetic of the covering. The production of the waterproofing membrane Silver Art ® is guaranteed by an innovative manufacturing system set up by Flag: The aluminium particles are full part of the PVC waterproofing membrane and define the colour of the material. This feature defines the stability of the metal colour in time.
Thanks to its lightness Silver Art ® is the ideal solution for any kind of covering also for refurbishments of existing covering; its setting is easy, quick and convenient.

Silver Art ® is compatible with most of the support structures such as wood, metal, concrete and the most common thermo-insulating materials. It is set on the roofing by mechanical fixing (half-independent system) or gluing (total adherence).

Silver Art® plus are:

  • > excellent mechanical resistance
  • > very high elongation to break
  • > excellent resistance to UV rays
  • > perfect waterproofing on any shape
  • > easy to set also on demanding designs
  • > almost service-free
  • > complete waterproofing shield also in case of heavy storm of snowfall.