SOPREMA GROUP – waterproofing leader, since 100 years

SOPREMA GROUP has always been independent since its establishment 100 years ago, and it has always been one of the leading companies in the sector of waterproofing, green roofs, photovoltaic waterproofing, roofing, thermal and acoustic insulation.
In 1908 Charles Geisen founded the Alsatian Emulsion Factory, in Strasbourg, forerunner of SOPREMA GROUP. The factory was specialised in the production of liquid and paste products for waterproofing, based on natural asphalt and tar. Between the two world wars Pierre GEISEN improves the membrane MAMMOUTH adding a thin aluminium layer to protect it from temperature changes, from weathering and from UV rays, increasing it life. It is exactly from this historic membrane born in 1909 that derives the name SOPREMA acronym of “Société des Produits et Revêtements d’Etanchéité MAMMOUTH”

Since mid 70ies the success becomes European and global and leads to the opening of the first Canadian factory at Drummondville in 1984. Starting from 1992 Soprema grows faster and faster, thanks to the leading hand of Pierre-Etienne BINDSCHEDLER, fourth generation of the family managing the Group. The systems and products promoted by the Group increase and SOPREMA assumes a definitely global dimension, because nowadays SOPREMA GROUP is in 90 Countries , with 25 factories and 18 branches all over the world, boasting of 6 R&D laboratories and 5 training centers.
It can offer a complete range of products for any kind of building yard, for an all-encompassing satisfaction of the needs in the specialised sectors in the building area.
This worldwide success is strongly supported by inventiveness, which has always been written in the DNA of the Company: Privilege the idea that makes progress has always been a leitmotiv at SOPREMA, since its birth, and allowed the Group to reach the top of the worldwide companies of that same field.

Long-lastingness and performance, aesthetic and technology: these are the features of Group SOPREMA that guarantee absolute reliability in any stage, from setting to a reliable final use. All companies of the Group dedicate to the development of quality services and products without forgetting the respect and care for the environment.
This commitment is proven by the environmental certification ISO 14001 obtained in 1997 and by the continuous efforts of all R&D laboratories to develop environmental friendly products, bringing down the environmental impact of the company’s activities.