FLAGPOOL: PVC reinforced liner for your swimming pool

FLAGPOOL NEW GENERATION (NG11) is a PVC reinforced liner to waterproof, protect and decorate the swimming pool. FLAGPOOL liner may be used in new swimming pools and for the refurbishment of existing swimming pools on any kind of structure: concrete, concrete prefab, prefab with metal panels.
FLAGPOOL is the ideal solution to cover private swimming pools, public swimming centers and waterparks and the different colours of the liner give water the desired aspect to integrate it with the surrounding environment, offering the guarantee of a perfect aesthetic result. FLAGPOOL is obtained with the spreading production process during which the liquid half-finished product, plastisol, is combined with a polyester reinforcement mesh.

FLAGPOOL NG11 fully complies with the European standard EN15836-2/2010 and is available in three different versions

  1. FLAGPOOL NG11 UNICOLOR with standard finishing available in plain colour: light blue, light sky blue, sand, white, pearl grey, dark grey, anthracite black, Caribbean green, aqua green, pink marmorino, wild musk, red and yellow.
  2. FLAGPOOL NG 11 GLOSSY UNICOLOR coloured version (plain colour) with the addition of SPECIAL FINISHING LAQUERING Available in: Light blue, sky blue, sand and white (other colours available on request);
  3. FLAGPOOL NG11 GLOSSY PRINTED printed version with SPECIAL LAQUERING FINISHING available in: blu mosaic, green mosaic, Marbella Blue, Pearl Black, White Florence, Sky Blue, Stones, Marbella Gold and Gold Mosaic.

The main physical-mechanical features of FLAGPOOL NG11 are the following:
• high resistance to atmosphere agents and UV rays; â€˘ high resistance against microorganisms – Bio Shield; â€˘ high mechanical resistance; – insensibility to hot / cold cycles; â€˘ resistance against punching; • excellent welding capacity; • resistance against standard chemicals for water treatment in swimming pools covered with PVC liner.

FLAGPOOL – 10 features that make the difference

  1. FLAGPOOL PVC liner is a convenient solution; thanks to it the swimming-pool is now available to everybody guaranteeing an excellent quality.
  2. FLAGPOOL lets plunge into hte swimming pool less than A WEEK AFTER the beginning of the works: thanks to its easy installation
  3. FLAGPOOL is the ideal solution for any kind of swimming pool from the classic rectangular to free shape. Its soupleness grants a quick and convenient setting up in comparison to competitors’.
  4. FLAGPOOL is extraordinary in covering private and public swimming pools (in- and outdoor) and does not require nay particular maintenance procedure nor specific measures (differently than coverings with tiles or other materials)
  5. PVC FLAGPOOL liners’ diverse looks give the desired aspect to the swimming pool’s water and fully integrate in the surrounding environment.
  6. FLAGPOOL is not subject to any molecular modification, its formulation with BIO-SHIELD treatment guarantees an absolute resistance to the development of micro-organisms (funguses, bacteria, spores) inhibiting their prolification, and prolonging the life of the covering.
  7. FLAGPOOL is product by FLAG SpA Soprema Group: a company always caring for the customer.
  8. FLAG Spa has an excellent pre-sales service able to inform and create contacts with trusted companies and installers all over the country.
  9. FLAGPOOL liner is always available in FLAG’s stock all year long.
  10. FLAGPOOL PVC liner’s GUARANTEE is the summary and synthesis of all qualities of the product. FLAGPOOL has a 10 years’ guarantee (total and not digressive); thousands swimming pools covered with FLAGPOOL liners witness the quality of our covering, all over the World.