Research and development of ecological waterproofing solutions

All PVC and TPO waterproofing synthetic membranes are designed, developed, and implemented in Flag S.p.A. SOPREMA GROUP Research and development laboratories. These synthetic membranes are included in the production cycle of the company and pay particular attention to the improvement of innovative solutions and guaranteeing the overcoming of the quality requirements prescribed by the market. Every aspect is carefully examined to minimize the environmental impact of the products and to guarantee their use in compliance with the operative safety conditions both in the production and in the application phase.
The commitment of Flag’s R&D laboratories starts before the realisation phase, with the implementation of the compounds of half-finished products and of raw materials.
This pre- and post-production  continuous monitoring , perfectly combines with the mission of Group Soprema: Offering long-lastingness, functionality, reliability, aesthetic and high technology for the whole product range.


Flag S.p.A. SOPREMA GROUP quality management system has been conceived to comply with the requirements prescribed by standard UNI EN ISO 9001.
The tests and proofs necessary to verify the compliance of chemical-physical characteristics, featuring the various waterproofing membranes manufactured, are performed in Flag’s Quality control laboratories at Chignolo d’Isola and Villa Santo Stefano, according to the directives issued by UNI (National UNIfication Body) and by the corresponding foreign regulation bodies.
This ensures a high quality standard in all phases of the production process: Starting from the production of a new material up to the technical support during the setting of finished products.


Since more than 20 years SOPREMA GROUP has been starting an approach to assess and minimize the environmental impact of its synthetic waterproofing products and of its activities in the life-time of a building (including products manufacturing, building, management and demolition).
Environmental sensitivity in Flag SpA production facilities and in the other facilities of Group Soprema is realised by the commitment to use low environmental impact substances, always trying to improve manufacturing methods, complying with the latest scientific assessments, sometimes anticipating the process indicated by European environmental policies.
Flag’s commitment for environmental sustainability is confirmed by the environmental quality certification UNI EN ISO 14001 obtained.