Copper Art® synthetic waterproofing membrane with copper dust

The dream of architects and designers has always been to innovate and Copper Art ® is a new synthetic waterproofing material ready to support this creativity. Flag Spa has conceived this exclusive range Copper Art ® to combine the traditional aesthetic of copper roofing with easy setting, flexibility and innovation of the best synthetic waterproofing.

The setting up of a patented waterproof covering, reproducing the aspect of copper, lets combine the aspect of a superficial metal finishing and the strong reflecting power of UV rays on the roofing surface. The innovative production technique set up by FLAG, consists in the introduction into the polymeric matrix of half finished product, extra-thin copper metal particles. The indissoluble binding between copper powder and synthetic product gives Copper Art ® a unique feature: exactly as in the roofings made of traditional copper where the surface oxidates progressively when exposed to atmospheric agents the colour as time goes by, assumes a tone of brown that turns to dark brown, guaranteeing its durability.

When associated to extruded pyramid shaped profiles(décor profiles) of the same material Copper Art® guarantees the waterproofing of any architectural shape, without limitations in terms of slope or length of the sheet, adapting to the most complicated shapes, perfectly reproducing the beauty of a traditional riveted metal covering. These décor profiles turn into a further creative element in the hand of the designer, increasing or reducing the distance between them it is possible to improve the beauty of the covering

Copper Art ® membranes can be set in total adherence (glued) or half-independence by mechanical fastening and are compatible with most thermoinsulating elements available on the market. This guarantees a long-lasting waterproof protection beside a great aesthetic quality that makes of Copper Art ® an irreplaceable partner also in refurbishment of architectural roofing with high aesthetic value. Thanks to its light weight it is the ideal choice in case of large covering or in refurbishments or restructuring works where it is not possible to remove the waterproofing element during the installation phase.

Copper Art® system eliminates any risk traditionally associated to metal covering: No thermal dilatation, no corrosion, no setting trouble also in critical conditions or in presence of complex details or setting points.
That is why Flag Spa by SOPREMA Group succeeded in the challenge to make metal flexible, providing all those features that made successful its waterproofing synthetic materials..
Copper Art® plus are:

  • > excellent mechanical resistance
  • > very high elongation to break
  • > excellent resistance to UV rays
  • > perfect waterproofing on any shape
  • > easy to set also on demanding designs
  • > almost service-free
  • > complete waterproofing shield also in case of heavy storm of snowfall
  • > colour variation due to oxidation as in traditional copper covering