FLAG SpA: production facilities for waterproofing synthetic membranes

Flag SpA manufacturing is featured by 4 different production lines.
Thanks to these facilities FLAG can manufacture PCV and TPOI waterproofing membranes applicable in any waterproofing sector. Roofing, underground works, hydraulic works and swimming pools.

In the head office at Chignolo d’Isola (BG) apart from the offices, the training center and the laboratory, 3 co-extrusion lines are working for polyvinyl chloride membranes, FLAGON PVC, and modified polyolefine membranes FLAGON TPO.
The facility at Villa S. Stefano (FR) produces spread polyvinyl chloride membranes, FLAGON PVC; swimming pools membranes, FLAGPOOL, and the innovative systems for architectural covering, COPPER ART and SILVER ART.
In order to guarantee the fit performances required by different application fields, FLAG’s membranes are different by composition, by the availability of the inner reinforcement, and by the availability of geotextile layer coupled on the surface during the production phase.