Waterproofing materials and thermal insulation by Soprema Group on the mechanical fixed roof of Adigeo shopping center in Verona.

Adigeo Shopping Centre is going to be opened next spring; the centre is located on the area where Officine Adige were previously settled. The materials of the Soprema Group have been the guest stars of the roofing work for 30.000 square meters of the new shopping center in Verona. The solution chosen to waterproof the trade facility has been rapidly set by Isocaf srl, from Vigonza (Padova). The stratigraphy is a TPO warm roof visible waterproofing, mechanically fixed to the structure. The distinguishing elements of the roofing are part of Soprema Group offer to the Italian market.  Actually, the thermo-protection is ensured by the polyurethane thermo-insulation element Efigreen Alu+ with thickness 9 cm and Lambda 0,022, while the waterproofing membrane TPO (thermoplastic modified POlyolefines) Flagon EP/PR, 2.00 mm composes the waterproofing layer. The easy and quick setting, together with the lightness of the proposed solution, are the golden ticket of the system set up by Flag Spa for the new shopping area in the Veneto town.


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