The logistic centre at Marcon, Venice, is rising nearby the motorway A27. The requests of the customer for this 30.000 sqm logistic centre were clear: The covering stratigraphy should be light and carried out quickly. This kind of request is a standard for Flagon TPO synthetic membranes, mechanically fixed to the corrugated sheet covering. Also in this waterproofing work the covering stratigraphy above the corrugated sheet ceiling composed by polyethylene vapour shield, thermo-insulating expanded polystyrene element and waterproofing membrane Flagon EP/PR 1.5 mm was laid 3 months after the beginning of the work. The standard setting of the synthetic membrane, thanks to automatic equipment for mechanical fixing, defined in the project phase, and thanks to the welding performed with hot-air welding devices, allowed to exploit fully the high quality of the waterproofing membrane Flagon EP/PR. Again, an environment friendly waterproofing membrane, light and long lasting for a logistic centre destined to be a core hub for commercial exchanges between Italy and eastern European countries. A solution created also thanks to the waterproofing synthetic membranes manufactured by FLAG Spa SOPREMA GROUP.

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