Synthetic waterproofing membrane FLAGON SRF Energy Plus protect the slanted roofing of Maltas National Aquarium – flexibility and high reflectance index.

The slanted roofing of Malta’s National Aquarium is one of its featuring characteristics and it has been protected with synthetic waterproofing membrane Flagon SRF Energy Plus, 1.8 mm.
Two are the points of strength of Flag Spa SOPREMA GROUP’s material: flexibility and high reflectance index (SRI). Its high flexibility allows creating complex geometric shapes, such as the Aquarium’s, which, in combination with the skills of COVERIT; Misterbianco, Catania, the setting company that has conceived the solution for the correct arrangement of the sheets and their welding, guaranteed a perfect cutting edge waterproofing. The solar reflectance index by 97 lets the surface reflect the incidental sun rays and creates a “cool-roof” solution, with a lower air-conditioning request to cool the internal environment. The side walls of the covering have been made precious by Flag Silver Art ready to shine under the Maltese sun