Flag Spa SOPREMA GROUP involved together with Metropolitana Milanese to design a subway waterproofing system that solve critical questions without inhibiting the transport service of MILAN

The problem of underground water, due to the raising of the Milanese aquifer , few meters far from the street level, has been carefully assessed during the project phase of Line 1 extension up to the new headquarter of Milan Fair.
The waterproofing protection had to be sure and reliable and Flag was involved to design, together with Metropolitana Milanese, a system that could solve these critical questions thus restoring its waterproofing without inhibiting the transport service.

The only waterproofing system that could fully satisfy these needs was Vacuum Flag, with double waterproofing layer in polyolefin Flagon TPO, to cover 300.000 m2, partitioned in sectors of about 100 m2.
Each sector has 3 or 4 injection tubes that allow the control of the vacuum sealing during the setting phases, the monitoring, and the reparation during the whole life of the work injecting water-reactive resins.