Holzbau choose Flag Soprema TPO synthetic membrane for a three-month waterproofing refurbishment intervention on an industrial building

The three-month refurbishment, without losing a single working day, was the challenge faced by Holzbau and Flag Spa SOPREMA GROUP for this waterproofing intervention of 11.000 m2 at Bressanone.
The roofing was risen building a prefab wood ceiling on a carrying structure made of wood glulam. The waterproofing protection of the new roofing was critical because it had to fulfil three main requirements: Total waterproofing, quick setting, lightness. These requirements perfectly combine with the core features of Flag Spa membrane in modified polyolefin Flagon EP/PV. The 1.5 mm Flag membrane used in Bressanone allowed the quick setting of the waterproofing solution on this roofing, hosting 276 skylights that ensure natural light for the underlying production facility.