Waterproofing membrane in modified polyolefin FLAGON maintain the sealing of the concrete basin of the channel Riegos del Alagó in the Spanish region of Estremadura

The main concern in hydraulic works is that the waterproofing layer has the capacity to maintain the sealing of the basin or of the channel, preventing relevant water leakages. This topic is particularly important in regions where draught represents a real problem, where summer periods are very hot and dry, and where water resources are critical for agriculture. Since the beginning Flag has always been caring for the agricultural sector, thus contributing in the 70ies to its massive development in Italy and carrying on its commitment also in other European nations setting developing and setting up synthetic materials specifically conceived for this sector. One of the last witnesses of this commitment is the waterproofing work of the channel “Riegos del Alagó” in the Spanish region of Estremadura. This 3,5 km channel made in concrete, is protected with a waterproofing modified polyolefins membrane FLAGON GEO P. The high mechanical characteristics, in particular the resistance to static puncturing, are the main topics for the waterproofing of the channel.