A waterproof protection membrane designed by Zaha Adid for a covering surface of 40.000 with great flexibility very high resistance to UV rays and long life is the solution for the CULTURAL CENTER HEYDAR ALIYEV in BAKU

The cultural centre “Heydar Aliyev” at Baku, designed by Zaha Adid was inaugurated with an exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol on 21 June 2013.
Flag SpA supplied the waterproofing materials to cover this fluid and wavy structure: Vapour shield Sovravap Stick Alu and, above all, TPO Flagon EP/PR 2 mm, synthetic waterproofing membrane in modified polyolefin.
A waterproof protection for a surface of 40.000 m2, requiring the following characteristics: Flexibility, very high resistance to UV rays and long life. All these aspects are core values of Flagon EP/PR but not extraordinary because they are standard features for this kind of product.
This committing covering also required a test on field, that, thanks to the collaboration with the setting company, offered the possibility to find the most adequate and rapid waterproofing system: prefab on site, on the whole surface, 3700 modules with different shapes that compose the outer covering of the carrying network structure of the building and, afterward, assemble them on the roofing.