FLAGON TPO polyolefin membranes grants a waterproofing protection to AMAZON LOGISTIC HUB PIACENZA in no time

amazon roofing in piacenza. Flagon TPO waterproofinf material

The covering of the new lot of the Amazon logistic center in Piacenza was set up in no time. The production and setting rapidity were the main requirements for this work covering a surface of about 70.000 square meters.
Flag waterproofing membrane was, once more, a successful choice thanks to a range of benefits.
Industrial production capacity: The line 3 of Flag Spa SOPREMA GROUP facility at Chignolo d’Isola, fully dedicated to Flagon TPO polyolefin membranes can produce, daily, 40.000 square meters of membrane.
Lightness: The waterproofing membrane Flagon EP/PR, 1.5 mm, core of the chosen solution, grants a waterproofing protection in just 1.4 kg/m2, thus reducing the loads on the structure. This means a greater axle spacing of pillars and a better exploitation of the covered surface, basic feature for a logistics centre with this size.
Easy setting: The chosen material is mechanically fixed on the roofing. The distance between fixing points is established in the project phase, therefore it is easily and quickly reproduced on the membrane during the installation phase.