The pvc waterproofing membrane manufactured by Flag S.p.A SOPREMA GROUP is the waterproofing solution for the swimming center in Arras designed by Alain Sarfati.

Silver Art is one of the most cutting-edge products of Flag’s range. French architect Alain Sarfatti has chosen it to protect its project, the Arras swimming center, northern France.

The 3,600 square meters of the wave roofing on the swimming center had to be waterproofed with an extremely flexible material, easy to set also in areas with relevant slopes, and able to highlight and emphasize this new architectural structure, core of the former industrial town center.

Silver Art embodies all these features. This waterproofing material is manufactured by Flag Spa, reinforced by an inner glass veil, a geotextile layer on the side in contact with the application surface enhances the complete adherence on the roofing of this French spa, and aquatic center.

Flag not only supplied the waterproofing material for the roofing, but also the membranes for the basins and the swimming pools of the swimming center. 2500 square meters of light blue FLAGPOOL ® N11, one of the 23 hues of FLAGPOOL kaleidoscope, have been supplied for this project.